Tuesday, September 03, 2013

ADVERT- That Petite Girl

Haven't been doing any adverts in awhile.
Happy to have ThatPetiteGirl drop me a mail in my inbox.
I absolutely love their clothes because well, I'm petite.
Therefore, their clothing suit me pretty well and they brought in really awesome stuff in their 2nd Collection-KPOP Fever
I actually waited because the owner of the blogshop said they were bringing in more attractive items.

I fell in love with their Kerrie maxi dress.
Bahaha when I was at Dhoby Ghaut station,
I noticed an angmoh lady (probably in her late 20s. She was rather attractive)
staring at me while we were going up the escalator.

When we got out of the escalator,
she stopped me.
"Erm, excuse me, may I know where you got your dress from? I really like it."

I was quite shocked.
She told me it looks really good even though it's just a simple grey dress.
Almost wanted to give her a high 5 cos we have the same taste lol.


I studied textiles so I got excited over their see through sleeves with embroidered lime green flowers on the front.
It's too cuteee. 
I love how quirky their clothes are.


They only brought in a few items and are currently selling out fast so please hurry 
click (here) to shop away on their website. :)

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