Tuesday, May 26, 2015

3 May (Nookie Yogurt, Merv's ah kong birthday @ Segar Restaurant)

First time trying Nookie Yogurt.

Nookie Yogurt
1 Selegie Rd, #01-04
PoMo Shopping Mall

Had their mango sticky rice froyo.

But don't have sticky rice...
Got banana tho. LOL.
Would have been really cool if there really was sticky glutinous rice inside....
The mochi inside is so nice. 
Greedy me wished they were more generous with it hehe.

Celebrated ah kong's birthday at one of my fav tze char place.
Sambal Kangkong!

Segar Restaurant
Chinatown Point, #B2-39/40/41

Chilli Crispy chicken.

Curry Fish head.

Cereal prawns

Hotplate tofu with vegetables

Sibei shiok oyster omelette

They serve the best salted egg yolk squid here!!!

Happy birthday Ah kong.
That's Fiona! :)

Not sure if i like this song or not

Monday, May 25, 2015

2nd May (Ha Ha Big Prawn Noodle, Universal Studios Singapore)

Ha Ha Big Prawn Noodles
38A Beo Crescent, Singapore 169982
Nearest MRT Tiong Bahru

Decent bowl of prawn noodles.
Love it.
They are usually sold out by 2.30pm!
Closed on Mondays.

Not mentioning this place cos I hate this fried hokkien mee and the uncle's attitude stinks.
Merv likes this tho cos he ate it since young..
I think it tastes bad.
I dunno why so many people go there and eat.

Merv was very hungry haha.

The cutie cat that jumps on his lap on his command.

Schleepy cutie.
Both of them got runny nose......

Haha he bought a basket for camp.
I took this shot cos he looked like an aunty when he placed his drink inside...

Nuff sad. Lel.

His ah kong and sister came back with wedding gifts.
I hate fruit cakes but the one on the left is the best I ever had.
There was figs in it and the sponge cake is so soft and buttery with swirls of raspberry flav in it.

On our way to Universal Studios!! 
His mom got the tickets and gave it to us.
She got it on offer cos it was some promotion for USS so there was a huge crowd when we reached there zomg.


Tasted like it has been there for days.
I was so upset plus it's quite expensive?!

We only played the mummy ride twice and that's all cos the rollercoasters were closed and the queue for other rides were too long haha but it's alright.
It was still quite fun walking around.

Chili cheese fries yummmmm.

There were fireworks!!!!!
The highlight of that night :)

The merlion so scary......
and ugly.....

KFC for dinner.
We were dead beat.

I think it was only my 3rd time ordering chicken at KFC.

I like KFC's fries ever since they changed the cut of their fries. hehe.

LOL. Boxing.