Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 15th // DAY 2 (PART 1)

Kalima's breakfast spread.
Buffet. Oolala.

LOL Apparrantly we were the only singaporeans (Sibei kiasu) because only our table was full.
We didn't realise it wasn't normal until we looked up at everyone's table…
Super embarrassing.. But that didn't stop us of course.
We live to eat.

The bread section sucked.
It was really bad…

I always end off with a bowl of cereal. :D

Yup re-wore yesterday's clothes for breakfast. HEE

Thanks girls for the gift.
I love the packaging it's so cute and there's a note for me plus cute little knickknacks.
Thanks for making it special!!! :D
Go check out their link and see what they have and they are all reasonably priced!

Lol he very vain..

He told me to stand there. Hahha.

Swim swim :)

I am a chubberoni now :(

AHAHA he's very vain.. Refused to remove his hat even in the pool okay.

Lots and lots and lots of photos of us. :D

HAHAHA Look at part of me at the back..
We were suppose to take a romantic underwater shot.
Like too much fat content.

And I was wearing contacts so I couldn't keep my eyes open HAHA.
It was really bad.
I can't hold my breath as well so all the photos turned out hilarious..
I looked like a marshmallow.

HAHHAHA I couldn't see what..
So I kissed his shoulder HAHAHHA.

hahahahhaha cannot see………
dunnno where am i.
And he looks like a fish here ahahhahah fuck I am trying very hard not to laugh.

HAHAHHAH The whole time we were there, I was laughing like a maniac.
He wanted to do this shot and it took many takes cos he couldn't balance lol just look at that.
The whole place was filled with my laughter it was embarrassing….

Da pool.
Most of the pictures for this trip was taken from Merv's samsung phone.
The images rocks!


October 15th // DAY 2 (PART 2)

On our way to Patong! :)

HEH! This fatty was walking in our direction so I signalled for her to come to me and she did!!
Patted her for awhile and she walked away.
Heheeh so friendly.

So hot. Had to have ice cream.
He bought mcflurry.
It was gross… It was like 60% melted.

Lunch at some italian/thai restaurant.

He's so cute (*^*)

We ordered a huge pizza so this was given free!

We ordered a huge Calzone which is basically a folded pizza!

This is like super old school way of battering your squid.
I hate this kinda batter.

The innards.
It was too huge.
Had to have it taken away which we didn't even eat in the end lol.
Anyway it was nothing special..

Saw this cutie and fed her the calamari haha.
Had to remove the fried part for her.

HAHAHAHHA she didn't want to eat after giving her 3 of it so we put it on her tail hahahaha.
Of course got take out after that.

Massage somewhere near The Sweet Restaurant.
It's called LIMONE Massage and Spa, 
110/3 Taweewong Rd, 
Patong, Kathu, Phuket 83150!

Only 200baht. 
Most of the massage parlours look damn sleazy like got happy ending one LOL.
This one is professional and smells nice.
They are also clean and they provide a packet water!
We actually went for massage twice that day.
The first one was the sleazy one which they are DAMN GROSS.
After massaging our legs they WENT ON AND MASSAGED OUR HEAD.
And they charge 300baht.

For Limone, they washed your legs first if they were gonna touch them.

Wanted to capture the sunset.


Googled for good seafood and Tripadvisor recommended Linda Seafood..
Rat-U-Thid Road, Patong, Kathu, Phuket.
It was alright only nothing special to be honest, but the service was good though.
Walked like siao.

DAFUQ. I asked if they can fry the sotong with salted egg.
LOL. They said can.
Really just slice the salted egg with veggies and sotong.
Imagine my horror when I saw this… LOL

Anyway, everything is fresh.
We get to pick the seafood we want and we pay by weight.

Mussels in chilli sauce. 
Damn smelly……
We gave up after like 3.

Yellow curry crab. This was yummy!

Lobster in garlic butter.
This was quite shiokkkk.
Over all I think we only paid $90+
Quite cheap!

HEHEH this dawgie is so fat and cute.
Belongs to Linda.
The one in blue is her. She is very friendly and spoke in chinese.
She told me she would give her money and she knows how to buy chicken from another stall HAHAHAHAHHA.
So smart this dog. No wonder so phat.

I just asked Merv if he remembers her name..
He said,
"Uhh.. Just call it Lindog. LEL"

HAHAHAHHAHA. Buay tahan.

Bubble bath!! :D

And good night :3