Monday, June 29, 2015

26 & 27 May (Lionel Ng Tattoo, Char-Grill Bar)

 Had an allergy reaction and my left eye got swollen.

 Imagine if I get double eye lid surgery.
I will look like this.
I don't have double eye lids since young.
Only recent years did my left eye lid appear, but it isn't very deep.
My right lid is single.
When I put on mascara, I would automatically have double eye lids HAHA.

 HEHE. I want double eye lids..

 Went to follow Merv to get his tattoo done.
Paid 2/3 of it as his birthday gift!
Got to know of Lionel through his friend (Eileen) boyfriend (Joel).
He has a cutie Boston Terrier named Kaykay!!!


 Lionel & Kaykay.
He didn't get his tattoo done on the spot tho which was a good thing cos we were gg to Bangkok the next day.

 Had our dinner nearby at 442 Bgain Eating House.

 Char-Grill Bar
Blk 442 Clementi Ave 3
#01-121, Singapore 120442

 It was only mediocre.
The steak was quickly overcooked cos of the hot plate.
Maybe I should have gotten their char grilled chicken. 

Anyways, we bumped into Cass and her family that night.
LOL. It was so freaky.
We were just talking about her and the next thing I know,
I looked up and I see her right infront of me.
Her dad sent us back to her place cos we live quite nearby.
Thanks uncle and family!!


 Washing herself.


 Heh. Goodnight :3

24th May, (Happy birthday, my love.)


 He crazy.

 Lol the camera filtered my face ok.
Didn't edit myself so flat.

 Dessert Project's White Truffle ice cream & Dark Chocolate Guanaja.

 Coconut juice and fruit straight out from the husk.
Only $2.50.
This is the real deal.
Really dislike store bought coconut juice.
Tastes nothing like the real one!!
Ok the coconut can drink it's quite similar.
Other than that they just tastes like gula melaka water.

 Caught a kitty pooping hehe.

 Somebody turned 23. :)

 Messy messy hair.
We were roaming Haji Lane.

 I saw this cutie pie.

 Meta is his name.
Or was it a her. I forgot!

 Made a small donation to Nepal.
But... we didn't know that u could buy their homemade jams for charity! :(

 All happened at Going OM.
They have a live music playing on some nights.
You can check it here. GoingOm
We actually walked past this place the night before and there was a guy playing and he was amazing.

Going Om
63 Haji Lane

 At I am Cafe again!
Treated him to his birthday dinner here because he wasn't feeling well and didn't want to waste it on the venue I wanted to take him to.

I am Café
674 North Bridge Road
Singapore 199486

 Yummy mocktails.
I got the Shirley Temple again.
Forgotten what he ordered.

Cajun Chicken Aglio Olio with Spinach Fettuccine.

I really liked this!

 His Homemade Beefball Pasta

 Baked Mussels in lussory white sauce.

 Walked past this dessert place and thought it was pretty cool.

Le Kue
20 Haji Lane

 Everything looked really good.
Will come back again!!!

 I suppose he owns this place??
He was so friendly anyway.
Makes me wanna come back again.

 We were quite full but didn't want to leave empty ended.
I actually can't rmb what the brown one was.
The pink one is rose.
I can only rmb that they were pretty good!
Great texture to it.
Really hate it when u bite into a macaron and it's airy and too sweet.

 He is such a monkey.

 Lol SweetCheeks makes a yawn.

She's so cutieeee. :3