Sunday, July 24, 2016

27 Dec 2016 (Tae Woo Korean Restaurant, Ice Lab)

Tae Woo Korean Restaurant
Clarke Quay, Central, #03-84

 Tiny tiny mandus

 Yummy garlic fried chicken.

Black bean paste noodles.

Spicy seafood noodles.

In my opinion, the best JjaJangmyeon and Jjamppong in singapore!
It was my second time there.

 Fried mandus.

 Veron's cutie socks lol

Lol. Bingsu date.
Went to try out Ice Lab at Orchard Shopping Centre.

 We got the injeolmi bingsu but the injeolmi toppings (the brown powder?) disappeared or sth...
I've tried other bingsu places in Singapore and I feel OmaSpoon is still the best.
This place is expensive and portion is smaller and not as tasty.
Just that got a lot of korean  or fake korean eyecandies. hehe.

 We saw each other afar and pointed at each other lmao.
I got to know him from Jihae and that was like WAYYYY back during Secondary school days.
Quite shocked he still remembers me.
He very cute leh.

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