Monday, December 23, 2013

8,9,10,11 Dec (EDITED)

8th Dec

Morning fatty.

Worked backstage fitting with Bb.
His friend didn't appear so they needed someone to fill in her place.
It was for some Christmas event at Scape.

All blackkk.

There were some kid actors!! Tho Xu Bin didn't start from young..
WOOOTS. Had to take a picture with him.
HAHA. Liked him so much after watching XiaoXiao. I LOVE JULIE TAN TOO.

He was very charismatic and friendly!
We only talked because Vincent, whom I know long before, was there (and also his friend)
When I was talking to Vincent, he was beside him and he just joined our conversation.

After that, I was telling Merv how his shoes reminded me of a giraffe.
He overheard and asked, "What about my shoes??"
HAHA. I shocked la why he so kpo!! But he's really so friendly.
I told him it looks like a giraffe and another kid actor's (who stood beside him) shoes looked like some wayang face.
He laughed and asked what about the other kid actor's shoes (who was coming to our direction).
So I star-struck all the way lor.

 Had to help these bunch of HEY GORGEOUS people do backstage fitting.

Everything was so hectic. It was my first time so I was extra nervous.
I was in charge of the second girl from the right.
I liked her alot!

Downstairs Merv's place.

 His supper haha. He wants to bulk up.

 He is the cutest :3



9th Dec

 Went to KK hospital.
Went back for a follow up check up.
Bloody hell doctor asked me if wanna do a scan "we can fix u an appointment"in a few weeks.
NABEI. Bloody consultation $60+ u come and tell me we can fix an appointment.
I was like, "That's all? All the way here and that's all?"
Siao liao. I even took a bloody cab down some more.
Is that how u all make money.
I really wanted to flip table again.

But these children doing christmas carols kinda made me feel better.

 Mookata with my man for dinner.

 Hehe we saw this woman twice downstairs his block.
She brings her rabbit out sometimes.
So cute.

And we saw this Goldy. Handsome thing :)

10 DEC

 Baby made a heart shaped pizza for me from scratch.
So love :)

 And with the remaining dough :)

 Was going to meet the girls, but changed plans!

 Naughty face.


 Chilli crab at work.
Lol the caught these crabs.

 Thanks for always accompanying me to see my granny. :)

I love fried chickadee.

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