Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I feel really bad about how so many of us are commenting bad about the Indians/Bangladesh foreign workers. I remember one time I was out w Merv and I walked into wet cement. There was a blockage, but I was too blind I guess, I accidentally stepped into it and got really upset cos I was wearing slippers. Therefore the cement got stuck on my foot as well. A Bangladeshi with his friends saw me from afar and ran towards me with a 1.5ml coke bottle filled with water and motioned for me to wash my foot. I was so thankful I smiled and thanked him. He smiled and walked away after I was done. I get really mad when people pass racist remarks about Indians/Bangladeshies/punjabis. My aunt and mom used to own a hp shop with a majority of Indians and Bangladeshies as customers because of their shop's location. I used to help out sometimes too and most of them were really nice and jovial. These people work so hard here under the sun and get paid peanuts, yet we despise them. They don't deserve to be treated like this.

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