Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jan 22nd / 23rd

Jan 22nd

 Sin Lee prawn noodles and lor mee.
My dad used to bring my sis and I here after school.
I love their prawn soup.
It's so sweet and tasty. (T_T)

They closed on the 25th of Jan..
I didn't ask why.
The memories will be stored in my head forever..
So emotional :'(

Look at the soup.
Look at the colour!!!!
You can tell it's really rich from the prawn head stock. 
After I finish the noodles, 
I would always walk back to the aunty and request for more soup.

 Can I cry now.

With my beautiful Jewel.
She knows of this place too!
We were both upset about the closing of this stall so we came here together.

HEHE because my pose is always the same.
*1,2,3* -frowns-

 Had my first reunion dinner with my bunch at Plaza Singapura's Sukiya steamboat buffet.
(I remember a reader telling me about this place hehe thanks! Glad my friend suggested to come here!!!)

 Most of us don't like chicken so we had beef and pork.

 We had two pots of the same soup base combination.
Kimchi + Sukiyaki.

 Pat and Gavin the beaver.
He is an ass la.. When we walked out of Sukiya,
he walked beside me and grinned.
Omg I knew immediately that he was mocking my height.

He's tall la but i had my fair share of insults thrown at him.
I was caught laughing out of a sudden by Langston because I thought Gavin looks like a T-rex when he was using his chopsticks.

 Langston, JewJew and meeee.

 Soft served ice cream. I had the mixture of chocolate and vanilla swirls.
I think we went to the outlet at Marina SQ.
Idk if it's the same branch because I don't remember the name of the restaurant.

 Lol Jewel pulled the ice cream for him and it resembled a penis.

 So both Jewel and I asked him to pose for it.
"Gavin, suck on the ice cream"

 HAHAHHA So he asked Langston and he was like NOOO.

Hahhaha and then he made Jewel do it. 

23rd January

 Staff meal at work.
I usually don't eat much during work.
I just think this looks really pretty!

Wahahha Dennis and Randall.
High fashion pose in the kitchen please.

 HAHA this is Max wanting to play.

 Chewing on his bone and looking at me.
Wanting my attention.

He puts it down so that I can take it.
At the same time, he goes close to it so that he can be faster than me.
LOL he plays this game all the time.....
And everytime when I quicken my pace,  
he would run ahead of me thinking it's a challenge....
He also love playing catching.
I have to catch him. LEL.
He's hilarious.

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