Monday, April 28, 2014

First few bits of March

Bryan, aka as Fenix Tang, my brother from the kitchen.
I can always count on him to get busy at the fryer because I hate that station.
Always had fun talking to him.
One of the people I enjoy being around with over at Stranger's.

My fav kitty that I'll probably never see again.
Its a cutie.

Grow well and healthy. :')

I will definitely miss this.
Head chef, Daniel and Yanny chopping onions.
Randall hiding his head in the toilet because it was making all of us cry.

Oh what feels.

RUDE. He's not allowed up there...
Whenever we're around he makes it look like he can't even climb up.
What a liar.

The hand burger with Bell. Missed her much.

Coffee and conversations.

So pretty.

Wah Orange Cove. hahaha.
Local band. Support ok.

Miss you every time.



Damn, this cake is so daim good.

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