Sunday, June 22, 2014

May 10. Zouk with mah Strangers' Reunion

Mah girls.

 My fav Yao and cutie Jastine!

 Yao, Becs, Wynna.

Haha. Brandon really looks like a huge ass bear.
omg he sit on you and you're gone.


 Jk. My little brother with the sharpest tongue.
Want to slap him sometimes haha.

 The poop maker, Luke and Fenix Tang, BryanBranz.

 Look at this chai.

 Caraaaaa. My fav girl. Love her.
She's damn cute!

 Wah mah girllllllllll.

 Idk how he found his way here.
Professional sleep walker.

 Arthur Leng zai.

 Love youuuu.
And she's my junior in St Margs!
We never ever spoke then.
So glad you joined Strangers'!

 The usuals.

Hehe cutie Yao.

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