Monday, June 23, 2014

May 13th to 15th

Thank you Veron Teacup for the wonderful snacks and knickknacks from Japan.
Delighted that you thought of me. :3

Pinned this fella down for some belly rubs.

Sweet outside, savoury inside. 
Wah so weird, but so niceeeee. 

Good lighting and tired eyes.

What's been keeping me up all night?
Bad thoughts... :/

Went down to Strangers' Reunion to visit mah love.
Here's Gayle, my little sister in the cafe!

Amelia! A cutie too.

JK. Ass.
Kept asking him to hurry up so that we can all go down and take a picture for Instagram COS THE SUN WAS GG DOWN.

I've always wanted brothers.
They can be assholes, but they are still nice.
At times.


AHAHAH Clement looks like a grasshopper here.


They damn boring.
Talk about gaming.. Talk about studies.
So I walked away a lot of times.

My cutie Yaoyao.

True blue gentleman.
This one must keep.
Anybody want?


Yaoyao made coffee for her bf Bryan.
I jealous she never make for me.

I'll be looking at the moon, but I'll be seeing you.


Dinner at Keisuke Tonkotsu King at Orchid Hotel.
They bloody hell made us walk there....
It's not say very near. Sweat like pig.
Been here twice. Nothing special actually!

I love their marinated bean sprout though.
I think I emptied half the container haha.


Free flow hardboil eggs.

Hhahaha I think Jk took this.
Look like beggar.

My korkor and didi ahahhahahaha.

 Running around being cute.

Sometimes I dress up for work, other days I'm a ball of slack.
By the way, Lyke is having a GSS sale now so go and check it out!

 Nasi Lemak for lunch....
I try not to eat during lunch cos it makes me sleep-work.

 Pho at Nam nam noodle bar.
Yum. I like their chilli sauce on the table.
Btw it's damn ridiculous that you have to pay for CHILI PADI AND SPRING ONIONS.
Only my sister would do that....

 Their spring rolls so shiokkkk.

 My sister and Cheryl the cutie pie.

 WANYI. My favourite tutor in sec school.
Hehe she's in my sister's clique.
She was happily talking about the riches of Dubai that night hahaha.

 House of Robert Timms for drinksss.
Ahhh no pictures of Carmen. :(

 Fries say hello with mommy leh.

 BAHAHHA Everytime I want to kiss her, she will put out her hands on my mouth and push me away.


Thank you once again Black Hair Salon for pampering my hair time and time again.
I am very blessed to have you all especially Deniece.

Other than the promotion here:

There is also a promotion on KMS california hair products!
Head down to Black Hair Salon for more.
The people there are very nice so be prepared to feel at home :)
It's really good to make a change in your looks once in a while.
I can never stay stagnant when it comes to my hair.
I get bored really easily so if you're just like me, go do something today! 

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