Wednesday, December 31, 2014

28th Nov (Aunt's Birthday at Keng Eng Kee Seafood + Bunnies)

Cuttlefish with Kang kong drenched in a sweet and spicy satay sauce.
I liked this a lot!

Keng Eng Kee Seafood for aunt's birthday! :)

124 Bukit merah Lane 1, Singapore 150124

Came here for their marmite chicken of course.
Always here for this (T_T)
Savoury, sweet and crispy..
What's not to love...?????

 I really love their minced meat tofu!!!

Stir fried bak choy with garlic.
Can never go wrong with this style of cooking for bak choy.

Black pepper beef was not bad too!

Fried Salted egg yolk prawn balls. :D

LOL Presenting birthday card to their mommy.
Aunt laughing at the designs.
U will see why hahaha.

LOL Boggle eyed bunny drawing done by Jonas.

Merv got her cocoa exotic cake.
Get this for your friend's birthday next time!
Only $28 at Four seasons bakery.
Or St leaven bakery at Takashimaya!
Layers of rich chocolate, chocolate fudge, chocolate sponge, 
and lastly..... chocolate cereal at the bottom.
So so good.

HAHAH Jonas can never give a straight face...

Lol my aunt gave up.

With beautiful Yoyo :)

Hhahah on the right is from Yoyo.
So cute!

HAHHAHA Obvs from Jojo.

The kids came over to play with Adeline's bunnies.
The bunnies left that night!


Max is super Kpo.

He's so cute :3

Hehe Fries.
Merv took these with his Fish eye lens he bought for his phone.

Handsome boy :3


Dat Paw Tho.

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