Monday, April 27, 2015

April 3 (Yao & Hez's 23rd @ Artichoke Cafe & Bar)

2 Cuties.

Breakfast with bb.
He got prawn noodles from the market.

And I had my vermicelli from Telok Blangah Mall.
The aunty gave me lotsa fried anchovies but I also brought mine from home.
LOL. I even brought a jar of fried shallots cos homemade ones are always the best!!

It's just beside the drink stall.
I LOVEEE their ban mian.
Tom yum / original or dry ban mian.
All shiok.

I didn't wash my hair for 2 days just so I could retain the grey tint on my freshly bleached and dyed hair.


In a few more years I cannot act cute alr so just let me act cute la.

Saw this kitty and I thought it was Sweet Pea!
You know the one that used to hang out with Sweet Cheeks.
He's gone now.
I got so excited at first. I carried it to where Sweetcheeks was and she seemed to not recognise it.
I was also wondering how come the tail is crooked and why did it shrink it size and mass..
Turns out to be another cat.
This one is really cute. Haven't named it yet.
Don't even know the gender.
Really miss Sweet Pea..
Wonder what happened to him..

Dinner with Strangers at Artichoke!
We were celebrating Yao's and Hezron's 23rd!!!

The tall and skinny couple.
They eat like pigs!!!
But they never ever grow horizontal.

Cutie Yao :)

It was my first time at Artichoke Cafe & Bar and I have got to say.
This place serves reallllly awesome greek/mediterranean/middle eastern food.
They all came out looking really pretty as well!!! 
I love the interesting flavours and textures from all their funky looking mezze. 

Left: Roast Pumpkin, $8 (Marmite honey, pumpkin seed dukka, sriracha yogurt)

Right: Beetroot tzatziki, $8 (Beetroot, greek yoghurt, pistachio dukka, wormwood)

I never liked beetroot! But this dish was amazing.

Left: Hummus, $8 (Smashed chickpeas, tahini, sumac) 

Top right: Babaganoush, $8 (Burnt eggplant, tahini, yoghurt, pomegranate molasses teriyaki)

Middle right: Smoked Anchovies, $8 (Cherry tomatoes, seaweed caviar, sumac, worm wood)

Bottom right: Ebiko Taramasalata, $8 (Fish roe dip, labneh, cherry tomatoes, dried shrimp) 

Warm Pita bread.
1 serve of pita bread has 2 in a basket, $4.50.

House-made feta 'burrata', $22
(Creamy-salty cheese, turkish toast, tomato, rooftop basil)

This was lovely.. Easily one of the best burrata dish I've ever had.

Fried cauliflower, $16
(Almonds, currants, pomegranate, mint, garlic yoghurt)

I've always only seen fried cauliflower on tumblr. LOL.
That was my first time having it and it was really good!

Smoked chicken, $26
(Lebanese pickles, garden herb relish, toum garlic sauce)

Not a fan of chicken unless it is grilled patties or DEEP FRIED CHICKADEE WOOOOOO.
So of course my comment would be bias.
However, this was pleasant.

Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder, $36
(Mechoui spice, soused cucumber, fermented butter sauce, kewpie yoghurt.)

Wow, this was so good!
The lamb was done very well. The outside is crispy, slightly charred so it made the whole dish even tastier.
The lamb was fork tender and goes well with the gravy that was soaked in it.

Hot Skillet Prawns, $36
(Green chilli harissa cream, fried onions, coriander)

This was so pretty and yummy too.
The prawns were bloody huge.
You can share one with a friend!

Sultan's Delight, $38
(Brandt farm's flap steak, charred eggplant & kashkaval cheese pudding, burnt cabbage tabbouleh.)

Everyone loved this dish!
It was alright for me only but to each his own la.
It's reallllllly pretty though.

Moroccan BBQ whole fish, Not sure of the price.
(Chermoula paste, preserved lemon butter, grilled lemon)

I liked this.

Kranji countryside mushrooms, $18
(Local farm spinach, za'atar breadcrumbs, thai basil)

This was very chinese lol but it was delicious.

Charcoal grilled pork belly, $26
(Shish kebab spice, coffee-date BBQ sauce, yuzu pickles)

I like how they play with different elements of flavours in a dish.
This of course was as tasty as it looks.

Ru ai + Cain

HAHA Clement hitting Yao's foot cos there were mozzies biting her.

JK and Regina.

Wynna and Yao.

Hez and Yao.



HAHA yao u excited ah.

My indie/hipster friends.
Taking food pictures against cool and abstract looking background hahaha.

Hez and Jared.

Farhmi, Shu Mei, Wynna.

Her hair is a faded purple.
So pretty!

Happy birthday you two.
Thanks for having me there.
Dinner was awesome and seeing you familiar faces again makes me happy every time.
I am not always comfortable in the company of strangers..
But you guys make it an exception.
KIDDING. Strangers' Reunion Cafe la.
Go have coffee and see my cuties friends there! :)

Artichoke Cafe
161 Middle Road, Sculpture Square
Singapore 188978

This place is a really awesome venue to dine at with your friends!
It's great for sharing!!
We actually ordered everything on the menu except for the desserts.
I would go there again COS I WANNA TRY THEIR BAKLAVA.

Back home with my babies.


Instant pizza from NTUC.
Sunshine brand. It used to be quite awesome but now it's just really.. not.. worth.. the calories.

Lol he was really hungry.
Love him. He's so cutieee.

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