Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Jun 30 - Jul 1 (Teochew Traditional Steamboat Restaurant, Imperial Treasure, Lim Choo Hin Teochew porridge)

Bought some cakes for my aunt while I was at Out of the Cake box!

So cutieeeee.

The cute lady boss who is also the one who bakes all the cakes!

Was going up to my aunt's place and saw this cafe!

Chew The Fat
Blk 6 Everton Park #01-18 Singapore

So cute!!!
But also looks very deserted due to the location..
Wanna come here next time!!

Aunt brought me to this Teochew steamboat place.

Teochew Traditional Steamboat Restaurant
271 Outram Road,
Singapore 169062

Top left clockwise, Fried flat fish, condiments, achar!

My big aunt~

One of their specialties, home made fish balls.
There are garlic bits inside.

Handmade meat paste???
I can't rmb..

Oooo the fried yam was good.

Check out the fried tofu skin on the left.
So big and shiok.

I love the soup base also.
Gets salty to the end so get them to add water instead of stock!

Their fried salted egg yolk pumpkin is sibei shiok.
Please order this when you are here.
The sweetness of the pumpkin together with the salted egg yolk goes so damn well.

Yeahhhh garlic bits in their handmade fish balls.

Max sleeping under my armpit.

Cereal from Brisbane.
My aunt got me some.
It's so goood.

Imperial Treasure @ Triple One for lunch with Eli and Senget.
The food sucks.
I think only the fried rice with pork chop is nice.

Eli's eggy horfun.

My fried kway teow...
Was tasteless..
And their soya milk is smelly.
I didn't pay so much for shitty ass food ...

LOL walked past some china restaurant..
"Old dopted mother pig heart" wtf.

Teochew porridge at Lim Choo Hin Eating House teochew porridge @ 715 Havelock road.

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