Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sep 16 (Ah Chiang's Porridge, Supply & Demand)

 Ah Chiang Porridge 
65 Tiong Poh Road, Singapore 160065

 The pork porridge damn shiokkkkk.
Anyways, my sis picked me up from work to have lunch hehe.
I love dates with her.

 I quite like their soya beancurd too.
It's the Lao Ban kind!

:3 Hehe.

 Supply & Demand at Orchard Gateway.

Sweet potato fries.
It was my second time there and I really really love the food!


 Smoked salmon salad.

 Buffalo wings.


 Al Vino Bianco in white wine with seafood.
The pastas here are really good!

 Aglio olio~

 Uhoh forgot the flavour...
But their pizzas are yummy too!

 Ching Yeeee. She's so cute.
She's a temp staff and I really like her!

 Omg I can't stand Kenneth's face.....

 Oh yes btw this was a farewell dinner for Xante (in white)

 and Dzu (In grey)

 I didn't try this cos I was full already!

When I was removing my socks I HAD A SHOCK OF MY LIFE.


Lol then I realize it was one side of my socks which I tried to throw in the dirty clothes basket and missed HAHAHAHAH.


 Why u gotta be so vain~

Pig is sleeping.

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