Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sept 21, 23 (WaBar Singapore)


 Ooooo cutie.

Good hair day. MUST. SPAM. SELFIES.

 Hiao to the max.

 :3 Cutie pie.

 When I was a skinny ass bitch.
... And literally had no ass.
My pole teacher got a shock when I came in bone thin.
No longer like that tho.
I was obsessed cos I hated my whole being.
I hated how I couldn't be comparable with girls who had better body, looks and all.
Superficial max.
My confidence level was never that low until someone broke me. Left me thinking that there will always be someone better.
It showed in the last thing that person did to make me go insane.
Don't fucking trust anyone.

So kids, why bother.
Be content with yourself.
Improve for yourself.
Don't ever make someone your priority unless that person proves that he/she deserves it.

 WaBar Singapore~
Watermelon soju.
That was my first time having it and I hated it.

 Their sides are very consistent LOL.
The next time I went there they served the same thing...

 Idk why they serve this fruit salad thing it really sucks.

 But I love their army stew~

 Cass and Veron.


 Over to Cass's place.
Seeing baby Skippy for the very first time :3


 Into a puddle~

  of O.M.G.

 Sniffing me because I cheated on him with another doge. Keke.

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