Thursday, September 26, 2013

20th Sept, Friday.

My sister driving me to collect my grad gown. 

Harry potter me.

Hendersons for lunch. Yummy duck horfun!!!!!! 

Braised tofu w mama lemon detergent tasting chilli. Eeks. 

My beautiful sister :) 

At Princess Nani's grandma wake.
If you want to be skinny like Andrea, just eat fishball / seaweed chicken / ham / egg everyday. 
Everytime eat this kinda bird food. 
If you think I'm small, just wait till u see her. 

Btw we were at the pool area eating catered food. 

Justin Bieber's  got her attitude on.

With fatty Bagel. 
She is so faaaaat. 

Just Step and a handmade peanut earring from me. Bet that's her fav earring now. Right? It's nicer than your Chanel. Hahahahahaha 

Hahaha just Andrea being a mother and Step eating a kind of seed thing.
Told ya all they eat like birds that's why so skinny. 

Just Justin Bieber thinking about her next concert. 

Funeral snack. To be honest this is the most chilled wake I've ever been to. As in for a friend's relative. Her aunties are so funny to talk to. 
And it was quite a shock to me when Bagel started to howl and bark when they were singing hyms during the ceremony. It was rather upsetting :( 

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