Thursday, September 26, 2013

Out of Lasalle.

Yesterday was my graduation day.
 I'm so glad that it's over. I really hated having to stay overnight in schools just to complete assignments..
 And to bathe in a non heated shower.. 
And i hated the dramas between classmates and the miscommunication w my lecturers. 
I hated the amount of money i have to spend all the time for materials.
I hated not having freedom and time for my outside Friends. 

But I guess one thing that I will really miss would be the time spent w my classmates. 

I'm going to miss them so so much. I'm going to miss having lunch breaks w them, sleeping on the tables and going down to buy supper and coffee after 12am to keep awake. 
Already missing the time spent in hongkong when I became closer to Cyn and Bell. 

I grew to love them so much and we decided to stick together because we knew none of us would ever speak ill of each other. There are just a handful of people whom you know will never hurt you. I'm glad I got stuck w them :) just sad that one is from indo and the other is from Korea.. Meaning they will not stay here forever.

And I will miss having to see Mervyn all the time in school :( 
He's so busy now it makes me feel sad and lonely..

That's two things that I will miss..But I'm glad school's finally over.

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