Monday, October 21, 2013


Anyway, I'm just afraid for you. And maybe cause I don't even have faith in myself. I rlly rlly like you. And I saw your post this morning. You sounded rlly sad about that whole thing(which idk what, but I just knw that you're sad abt it). I'm afraid because liking someone this much, is just scary. Rmbr that tweet abt "have u ever felt so happy that u feel so heavy.."? Well, that's how I feel abt you. I'm afraid cause I don't have faith in myself that you won't be disappointed in me/yourself one day. Haha fuck.. That's why I couldn't just say it just now. Even now when I type I'm afraid it doesn't make sense to you. I don't know if you know what I'm saying. But I'm afraid cause this is almost a foreign feeling. I can't rmbr feeling this way this much before. That's why I'm afraid. Fuck, I'm even afraid abt telling u how I feel now because idk what will u think.. But being honest, I have to tell u everything. And with enough courage, I'm gonna press Enter with my now alr-jelly thumb.. Okay goodluck to me.

If I go to sleep thinking about you, wake up thinking about you. Eat, gym, watch tv, poop, walk, talk etc thinking about you. What's that

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