Monday, December 23, 2013

7th Dec -Veron's Belated (EDITED)

 Bari Uma Ramen at Tanglin Shopping Centre with my cuties.
Celebrated Veron's belated birthday!

 Yum yum yum.

 We had 10 of these.

 Forever covering her face haha.

The pork is so freakin' tender and melts in your mouth.......

 She's only 12. Lol kidding she's 22.

Hehe. Cass went to buy a cake when she went to change haha.

At starbucks.

 Because toilet lighting good.

My friends so stylish u see.
Lasalle fashion comm one don't play play.

 Went to find Merv after.
His friend had her 21st birthday party at Bliss House Theme restaurant at Central and the theme was Alice in Wonderland if I'm not wrong! It's super pretty and whimsical.

 ReiRei. So cutee.
Was at Chloe's.

Went to have super cheap ktv where I did not sing at all because there were too many people and I was too shy.
Just glad to be with Merv.
HAHAHAHHAHA. His twin in school.
Langston studies near Lasalle and he has seen Renfred twice.
Both times he almost went up to him and said "Hi Mervyn" lol.

She is a xmm hahahaha.

 Supper with Merv.
Their chapati is so tough!
I told the waiter I wanted to change it with sth else because it was inedible.
He didn't get back to me so I called for him again and I asked if it was possible.
He said no. I told him then I'm not paying for this, I'll just pay for the curry chicken.
"Ok. you talk to my boss."
I almost flipped the table.
Nabei. You don't talk and serve customers like that.
I wasn't even talking to him in a rude tone.

When we were paying I told the boss and he just nodded his head. LOL.
He's so nice! And the stupid waiter stared at me from afar.

 Hehe my cutie.

The coin pratas were damn good tho.
i loved it.

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