Friday, January 03, 2014

16th Dec. Prima Revolving Tower/ Ikea/ East Coast

Curled my hair because I HATE how straight my hair has become.
I mean, it has always been straight, but now that it is dry from all the dye jobs, it became straighter.
Like the scare crow kinda straight.....

At Prima Revolving Tower for dimsum with family!

Argh my camera was on a really weird mode.


Inin and mommy :)

The view from upstairs.
I've always loved their dimsum here.
It's a good place for a family brunch!

Their mango pudding and honey dew sago sucked tho :/

 To Ikea because Le mother and aunt refused to go home.

So schleepy because of the heat...

 To East coast!

 Hehe :)

 Hehe he's the cutest when he's all happy like that :3

 Melts (*-*)

 Lol we found a hermit crab.
It looks just like a little shrimp with pincers.

 LOL Look at my mother........

Lolz I'm not flat ok.. The camera angle.

 BAHAHHAHA I got a shock when I saw this.


YOYO: Huhhhh. It is a shark.

How is THAT a shark?!


Jumbo for dinner.

Best chilli crab yummm.

Butter crab. Was expecting the creamy kind of butter crab, but this isn't too bad!

Zomg my fav razor clams.

The suckiest SALTED EGG (prawn) DISH EVER.
I dunno how they do it.. it just tasted like salty starch.

 Went to visit my granny.
Lol the children....

Jojo was pretending to be a doctor and Yoyo pretending to be a nurse.

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