Saturday, January 04, 2014


Omg my boyfriend is so bad...

We were watching Ruby Sparks on my lappy and after it ended I was crying and telling him how it's so sad even tho it has a happy ending, and he suddenly put his WHOLE MOUTH OVER MY MOUTH!!

HOLY. I don't even know if he was trying to console me (terribly poor attempt) or if he was trying to shut me up!

I was so shocked I LAUGHED into his mouth and he choked from all the air I exhaled. (-____-) 
My lover is as weird as a blob fish.

And yesterday we were watching Julie & Julia and they kept saying, "BON APPETIT!!" I got excited, so I turned to face him and screamed, "BON APPETIT!!!" 

He screamed back, "BORN WITHOUT A TIT!!!!"

Just..... LeL. 


  1. You both are the cutest couple alive! Thank you for such cute and entertaining posts! Love your blog frigging much! Do most more! :)

    1. BAHAHHA he's so annoying.... Thanks tho!! I will :)