Monday, January 06, 2014

21st Dec, BistroBar Rochester + Teo Heng Ktv

Merv made prawn aglio alio for dinner. 
Had a second serving :)

Cutie Max being all cute.
I wonder if he knows he's cute.

Ice Cream Gallery at Valley Point.
I loveeeeeee this place so much.
We had their Belgium chocolate and Rum and Raisin.
So freakin' good.
I hardly ever rave about ice cream, because it's either not bad or I'm finding fault in it.

Hehe he looks cute when he ties up his hair. :)

I'm sick of my ponyo fringe and I badly need a dye job soon.

Went to Rochester for some drinks.
The initial plan for that day was to hang out with Cass+Josh and Veron, but plans changed so we had a date!

At BistroBar.

My handsome :)

I had their long island tea.

He had Macallan and a beer on the house lol.
We were an hour late for our KTV hahaha.
Thank God it was just opposite!

MervynLeow, let's go there again please????

Kisses for my mister hahahah.


Teo Heng Ktv hahaha.
It's one of the cheapest KTV.
But that's if you've got more people.
I think we paid $22 each if I'm not wrong?
It should be because it was a weekend that's why we paid more.

selfie while i wait loll.

HAHA He feelin' it alr.

2 mics. BAHAH. That night was cray.

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