Monday, January 06, 2014

Dec 17th, 18th, 19th 20th,

17TH Dec

Merv has been experimenting and made crepe (with lettuce and sausage inside), pasta and rosti.
Such bliss.
I love it.
I just hate the washing dishes part....

Teochew porge for supper hehe :)

18TH Dec

Kenny Rogers together. :)

I love their chickadee soup!

We were very much full to the brim (@____@)

19th Dec

A new thai and western food stall opened at my area so we decided to try it.
I had their sambal fried rice, extra spicy.

And he had phad Thai.
Everything was good except that the noodles were a little undercooked.
Went down with my family to have dinner and ordered dishes another time.
It was pretty good.
It's located at Telok blangah mall lol at the mall.

20th Dec

Bahhaha The head chef at work....

One of the things I did that day. I baked granola :)
I love how the smell fills up the whole room everytime ;D

After visiting granny at the hospi,
Ma, Merv and I went to Hendersons market for dinner.
Their fishball noodles.
It's funny how Merv's dad and mine used to come here for this all the time :)
Perhaps they knew each other too??

And we also had porridge.
So good.
The stall has been there since my mom and dad were dating haha so cute.
My mom went to tell the old lady boss.
She was so adorable.
She came over our table and said to Merv,
"Jin Yandao" (So handsome)

A regular walked past and said, 
"Mai lau nua hor!" (don't salivate)
HAHAHHA Then the old lady said,
"Kai wan xiao la" (Cracking a joke la)


A kiss to Merv hahaha.

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