Wednesday, January 08, 2014

December 24th

Had to bring this little gremlin to the groomer's!

Walking back home after we got done with grocery shopping.
So funny.

My aunt was with us too.
She went off to buy christmas presents!

 Haha always making me laugh :)

 We made christmas dinner!
I did nothing much actually lol.

 LOL at Merv.
He was wearing Jojo's clothes.
He made us meatballs and rosti!!!!! 
So delicious :)

My aunt made the angel hair spaghetti. I LOVE her spaghetti.
I only did garlic mushrooms, salad and the egg dish hahaa.

 Going back home to change.
Haha what a fool....

 One of the outdoor bars at Mbs.

SO SO SO much.

I was super underdressed that night.

I love being around you, honey.

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