Wednesday, January 08, 2014

December 25th, Christmas Day

 At Rochester cos he wanted to take pictures.

I had to roll up my skirt.
Then all the mosquitoes attacked me. 

 Jack went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.

 Itacho with Ridge and Rachel.
Double date!

 Oh yeahhh. My period coming.
So I'm extremely hungry at all times.
Working helps me keep off food.
It's funny that when you work in the kitchen, u just lose your appetite.

 Went to Grace's place to play with Fluffy and Mochi.
heheheh. So cute.

She is so naughty.
Thanks for having us, Grace!

 Went to find Alissa after cos Merv wanted to pass her her christmas present.
Saw this little girl at the train station.
She has so much swag in that tiny body of her's.
She reminds me of Willow Smith!!
She walks with swag and her hair.. She has an undercut.
Fml. I've never been that cool my entire life.

Bahahah. He got her a llama.
It's from Taiwan ok!
So there's even more effort. lol.
I saw it when I was in the mountains!!

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