Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 14th with Jewel Yi.

She wanted some local food for dinner so I was like,
"Aiya downstairs near my house la."

hehe fried hokkien mee.
We talked too much and didn't eat much.

Our main purpose was to get to Marshmallow Tree.
It's super near my place and she knows the guy who owns the cafe!
He's the same age as us, dammit.
What have we been doing with our lives.

Hehe catching up with lost time.
She's so whacky.
I love talking to her. :3

Btw I dyed my hair!!!!
Got sick of the brown head.

Jojo and Yoyo came down with their bicycles to greet us lol.
Damn cute.
And I realized Jojo came in SUPER TIGHT MINI SHORTS and I was like,

Then I looked closer.
LEL. Boxers.
Can see the birdbird column lol.

 Btw pictures are from her camera!!

 Haha this woman.. forever crazy.

 And then she came over cos I wanted to fix her shoe.

 Lol. Max thinks he found a new friend.

 Waahhaha look at his face.

 Max, you're such a ladies' man.

 Feeding Truffle. 
I think she's been having a bitch fit lately..

Glue gun her shoe. Hehe.

Goodnight, bad dreams.

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