Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 17th with my Birdies.

 For my boss because he wanted lunch
Actually it was LoL but Yolo was more apt.

 Home with the brother.


 Then he pretends not to be looking in the next picture.
Such a great pretender.
One time I heard a lot of noises coming from the dustbin outside my room.
When I opened the door, 
I saw that his nose was under the lid and then his eyes were looking at me.
He gave the look: "Oh oh oh busted oh shit..."

LOL Then he freed himself and walked away like nothing happened.

Anyway he is not really a pervert haha cos he has never ever hump us.
Good boy!


 Dinner at Genki sushi.
Had to queue for this place.
It was my first time there!
Loved it. 

 Anyway.. ordered too freakin' much because the last order was in 10 min and I had forgotten what I ordered...

 I had spicy tuna and two plates of spicy salmon.
The spicy salmon was soooo good.
I'm coming back here again!

 Thanks little birdies for bringing me here :3

 Beef roll.

 Now I don't think I like uni anymore.....

 Hehe because the toilet has got good lighting.

 At Gustimo for beer.

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