Tuesday, February 04, 2014

26th, 27th, 28th January

26th Jan

 On our way to church.
Haha Yoyo hiding from the camera.

 My hair colour has faded....
I want it darker (T_T)

 Glad to be back in church. 
Always too lazy to get up..

27th Jan

Zomg... This was during work.
Everyone were cleaning up the kitchen and I was cleaning the bottom wall near the food counter....
I didn't see the edge of the shelf that held the sauces and slammed my forehead right into it.

I immediately squat down with my head tucked in between my knees.
I was shocked and in great pain at the same.
Zomg I cried and cried and cried (in the toilet la. very shameful if i did it infront of all the guys plus I really didn't want anyone to sayang me except for Mervyn.)

 It was so swollen. HAHAHHA 
Bloody hell Weijie said on twitter that I look like HELLBOY.
NA BEI. and my colleague, Bryan said i looked like a luohan fish.

Clynston gave me two hard boil eggs to rub on it so that the swell would go down.
But he didn't know that the egg wasn't ready...
So as I was rubbing my forehead...
a trail of egg yolk trickled down my head...

Sebastian was asking me how come my eyebrows got hollandaise sauce...

But really thankful because it helped so so much in such a short time!!

 Yeah that was the edge that I knocked myself into.
Gavin was asking how come my friends bandaged the shelf instead of my head HAHAHHAHA
I find it really funny.

 After work.. 
They all ended work and had nothing to do.
Except for JK(first from the left)
He wasn't on shift that day he only came to disturb people AS USUAL.
Xueyao and Alvin are floor staff.

 So I joined them HAHAHA.
That's Bryan at the back he's a joker.
Both him and I work in the kitchen!

 Ryan, one of my bosses gave me a pint of beer!
Because I was obviously sad.
But I shared it with everyone la.

 Look at Xueyao HAHAH she was super high because she bought herself a pint of beer.
If I remember correctly, I think she bought another one after that.
She kept laughing non stop hahahhha.

 And... wouldn't let go of the banana....

 Hhaha XY..

28TH Jan

 Nails for CNY.
This place is just opposite my house haha.
How convenient.

 These belongs to the woman who did mah nails!
So cute!

 Gelish for 85$
It's a little pricier cos of CNY...
Also... I have to go back for a touch up soon because they didn't really do a good job.
When my sis did her's there was always no problem tho!

 Went opposite to play with the dogs at Dogtor lim's!
Hehehe this belongs to the groomer, Yvonne.

 Yoki is so cute.
He is a corgi with black coat.
Max is kind of an ass really because everytime he comes here he would act like he's alfa when the alfa male of that place is Yoki HAHAHA.

 My sis went to pick Yoyo after Gym class.
She was gonna do manicure too HAHA!
For the first time!
She thought it was called 'Mamokor'
"I don't really want them to paint my nails..Idk.. I feel like they will put something bad in it!"

 Had wanton noodles at Telok blangah market.
They are quite famous for it!

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