Sunday, February 16, 2014

7Feb/ HollandV + Play

#OOTD prince.

Wah my eyebag at least 10kg.
Lel. I haven't been sleeping well during that period of time.

Mah handsome man.

Hhahah his stupid face.

Holland V's Churros.
It wasn't very nice....

Crystal jade for din with mah bb.
2 longs of xiao long baos and XO sambal fried rice.


This was before we went to Play with Merv's classmates!


Alissa Llama, Txxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and Phriya.

Playing Flappy bird whilst high.

There were lots of kisses being given.

I was super high that night.
I dont even rmb drinking much!

Shane is a cutie :3

The flat stomach duo.
Jeri and Minji.

Alissa was supposed to be in here to complete the Charlie's Angels.

Why did this dood have to photobomb like that.

It's their in thing now.
To do the turtle neck pose.

When I said many kisses were given around,
I really did mean it.

Grumpy boy..

Omg the dancefloor.
I think I FELL BACKWARDS before taking this pic.
HAHAHAHA Idk if anyone saw the colour of my panty omg.
And someone grabbed my ass in there...
I thought it was supposed to be a gay club....
Ok maybe it was a girl but......

Shane was like "CAN SEE MY JAWLINE???"

I really love this candid shot.

It was a great night :3

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