Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feb 9, 10, 11, 12

Feb 9th

 Braised pork belly mantou.
So good.

 Wah chee's butter chicken rice (*^*)

 We had butter chicken each and shared wanton noodles.
Hahhaa. Can't go skinny with him around.

 Because my boy is grumpy. 

Fav picture of him that day.
We went to church after this!

10th February

Daniel, our head chef got bored and suddenly had a revelation.
To make squid ink waffles..
This was with poached egg, smoked salmon, sea salt and hollandaise sauce.

 Squid ink waffle with bacon, deep fried parma ham, pistachio butter wafer and vanilla ice cream.

 Yummmmm braised pork belly.
This was so freaking good.
Though the colour may be pale,
it was so tasty.
The fats and meat literally melts in your mouth.

 Hozan Untwin :*
Haven't seen him for so long.
Was so happy that he came down to Stranger's cos he had a meeting with my boss.
But.. He didn't even know I was working there......

Haha I gave them my skateboard and this is what he does to it...
Watch tv and eat apple like this..

February 11th

 Went to Marshmallow tree alone to do some work for my aunt.
hahha ya and was finding lyrics.

I had an americano and a cucumber flavoured iced tea! :3

 Yoyo came down to look for me. :3
She is a cutie.

Naughty Maxy boy.

12 February

 My sis said he hates me......

 Window view. Hahah He loves it.


 Went to Merv's place.
Hehehehe his momma ordered kfc and pizzas for Jacky's birthday.

 My one and only.

 Needed to digest so we went down to play with cats and look for dogs hahahaha
we do that all the time.
Man loves his pussies ahhahahha.

 My favourite black kitty.
It's sick :(

 Hehe birthday boy Jacky.


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