Monday, February 24, 2014

14th Feb Valentine's day, my bday :)

Went to look for Merv after his class ended.
His mates taking OOTDS.
Lol during our time, we never did such things..
OMG I just made myself sound so old.
Now it seems like the trend in Lasalle is to take #ootd.
Not complaining.
My ig became 10x more interesting than it used to.

 Hhahaha Shane is so cute.
Told Alissa to kiss him all over with lipstick on for a Valentine's OOTD.
"Things I do for ootds"

Ahhh my cutie :3

 Yummy wanton place at Sunshine Plaza.
Zomg miss this place.

 My fav chicken chop rice.

 Went to collect more of Merv's blazer!
Hahaha back to yesterday's ootd spot.

 Hahahha nonsense..

 Lol in order for the hat to stay on his face,
he had to bite it.

 HAHAHAHHA He sneezed.

 Went to Liang Court's Meidi ya!
Lol Salty dog.

 Hehe bought him the calpis soda cos it's my fav!!

The choco cookies and choco mint is my fav!

 Mos for dinner.
Wagyu burger.
Quite good.
I usually eat ebi rice burger.

His fav, kakiage rice burger.
I love it too!

 Lol he purposely brought his bone and chewed behind Merv's feet.

 HEHE so cute.

 Brandon got my sis a box of 1m roses..
Imagine she had to carry this.

 Max is obviously a Valentine's day hater.....
He chewed up the whole box and refused to let it go until it was torn into shreds lol.

Watched Wall of wall street with a bottle of white wine hehe.
It was super cosyyyy :3

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