Monday, May 19, 2014

11th April. Company's D&D

 HAHA I like that the people at Singtel have humour.

 At Safra's Mount faber for lunch.

 My manager. LOVE HER.
She said we're each other's doppelganger hahaah cos we're quite similar in our behavior.

Katieeee. Also, the ancient princess of our team ahhaha.

Love her. She's super cute.

 B, Alice and Wee Lit aunty. HAHAHA.

 Boss Yu Hsiang, Ayush and Jonaaa.

 Ate a lot that day. Yummmmm

 Then played bowling.
The booked almost the whole bowling alley.
Had to team up with strangers..
WHY AH. I don't like this kinda thing..
But luckily I was quite chirpy that day so I talked quite a lot.

 Then we were treated to dinner at Spruce.
Had lucky draw and funny awards.
"Niam geng" (most naggy) "chiobu"(pretty) "yan dao" (handsome)
"qia zhar bor" (rough woman?) ahhah a lot of nonsense awards.

 Dates stuffed with goat cheese.
SURPRISINGLY GOOD. I had about 5 of it.

 They hired a caricaturist!
So coollll. I wanted to give him someone's photo so that he can draw us together ahha but i was too shy to even ask.


 Sheryl with the big milkshakes HAHA.

 Hahah Von's boobs were bursting.
Why the artist so lupsup !!

 Sorry ah. I'm still using iphone 4S HAHA.
Waiting for iPhone 6.

 Free flow alcohol. Wish I had more ahha.

 They had a photo taking booth!!
Love ittt.

The enddddd :)
It was a fun day through the night!

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