Saturday, May 17, 2014

7-10 APRIL 2014

 Had indian food OBAMASELF during lunch break the other day cos I really wanted to try the vegetarian food just below my office.

#01-04, High street plaza, 77 high street

I finished everything cos it was really good!
Then got a lot of gas in my stomach hahahhaa. Oops.
The bad thing about that place is that they are shorthanded and the only person who can speak ENGLISH IS ALWAYS BUSY.
I ordered this with the help of the woman who could understand me..

The indian dood always pretend cannot see me.
Idk why he does that. 
I CHINESE LA COME ON. *joking ah*
He served everyone before me even when I came first.

The next time i visited the place I asked him what was popular in the menu and he thought I wanted PAPADUM.
Omg. Then I bopian must order same dish.
(T____T) Wasted. If not I can try more stuff.

Why must sleep like that.

 So yummy. From daiso.
Max also want. He wants everything.

 Lunch break with Veron Teacup the other day.
ZOMG. I genuine love it because I am a sucker for surprises.
At 45$ (if im not wrong) a ball, 
You will receive many knick knacks and fashion related stuff.
It's the opening process that really got me excited.
I opened it in my office and all my colleagues just stopped doing their stuff to look at me.

Follow @bricabracstore on Instagram if you're interested!
Veron and Hosanna are the brainchildren to this little gift idea.
It's really amazing how they stuff so many items in one go.
You can get it for your friend as a birthday gift!

 A 2 hour lunch break with Lyke team.
HAHAHHA Really siao.
Eat so full already still eat dessert.

 Sheryl, Von, Jona!
I really like my colleagues so much.
They are such fun people haha we can laugh and talk non stop.

 My sibei buang face, Kate (omg she looks like ancient asian princess fer realz) and Alice!

 So I opened it and I received a mirror, candies, pictures of random print outs, a necklace that goes with anything, a top that I really love, a pair of exquisite earrings and a pin.
The good thing about this is that the two people behind this are truly fashionable.
You can check out their instagram, @vmwt and @hforhozzie.
My top actually matches with the accessories which can be worn in 2 different looks.

 Hahaha he was at my house and he snapchat this.
He found it in my drawer.
So funny.

 Made this for Merv the other day but he didnt really like it...
lol i make until my whole face oilier than this dish.
It's a fried noodle egg pancake that I learnt from my aunt.
It was my first time trying so it's not really nice..hahaha.
I added bacon, hotdog, cabbage, onions into it.

 Hahah he snapchat me again.

 Just for memories sake.

 AHHAHA ya my toe nail came out.


 The other day, THE CO (My office) had their first anniversary so the boss told everyone who has an office in the building to come and celebrate.
Only Alice and I from our company went down cos we greedy hahaha.


 Dinner with Bell at Raffles City's Daikokuya the other night.
So in love with herrrr. hehehehe.

 YUM. The soup base was shiok but the pork was buay steady.
Guys, u wanna eat good ramen just go to Bari-uma.

 So pretty still hide face. Sigh.

I should really hide my face.

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