Sunday, July 06, 2014

May 16th

 Celebrating Yvonne and Sheryl's birthday month!
With Jona. :3
We were at Clarke Quay's BarBQ Chicken.

With Yvonne.

 Their spicy rice cake.... was so not korean at all.
I asked if this is their original dapoki.
They said yes... -_-
And totally don't taste like it, but lucky quite nice lor.

 Yvonne and Sheryl!

 Their seafood pancake was not authentic also.
It's nice.. but I kept thinking that their dishes had a western twist to it.
I mean I came here for korean food la..
Not something different.

 Chicken cheese pot.
Idk the real name haha.

 I've had better steamed egg.
This one tasted burnt.....
Overall, I didn't quite like it.
I guess we should have eaten their BBQ chicken lol since that's the name of the joint, but their basic dishes were alr disappointing la.

I forgot where were we.
Went there for some drinks.

 Kate told me her favourite thing to do is drink.

 Went to OverEasy to look for my sis and Rebecca.

 Rebecca and her bf. :3

 Rebecca and jiejie :D

 HAHHA all these are Rebecca's friends........


 Glasses after glasses after glasses.
I love weekends cos I get to drink. Hehehe.

Hehe. Goodnight guys.

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