Thursday, August 28, 2014

12TH July - Riders Cafe & Manna Story

I actually only make an effort to dress up for the weekends.
Almost never for the weekdays for work.
Heh. :/

On my slightly slimmer period...
August is a fat period for me..

Riders Cafe.

 Catching up with mah pals.

 I think this was their Pacific benedict.

 Their fries was too greasy.. It was the starting of the meal and this kinda tainted my tastebuds..

 Both Pat and Langston had their Cream Corn Polenta.
It's a sweet dish so it wasn't to my liking.. 
Pat added sausages to this.

It was good though but can be shared..
There's avocado in it too.
I could only finish one cos my appetite during that month was pretty bad.
Quite like this tho :)

 LOL Jewel helping me get a better shot from my iphone.

Shared their Death by chocolate cake.
I could only take in one mouth cos I was too full..
The rest liked it but I thought it was alright only.
PROBABLY because I was too full.

 Horsies :3

 Monkey Langston.

What is Justin Bieber doing here.

 Justin Bieber holding my bag and Jewel's slippers.
Do you bielieb?

Sneaking shots of the horsies.

Feeding hehe.



It was just the two of us left so we had dinner at a small korean restaurant at Plaza Singapura.
Manna Story.

 Beef stew.

 Seafood noodles.
Everything was alright only..

I rmb the first time I had their steamed egg, it was so good.
That day when I had it.. I didn't like it.

Lol fooling around at Plaza Singapura.
I was pretending to be seaweed.

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