Sunday, August 10, 2014

June 21st and 25th

 Getting ready to leave the house.
Aiseh. Selfies must be taken because I was wearing lipstick.

 Drinks at Chupitos at Clarke quay.
Do not like that place because it is fucking hot inside or outside.
It was my second time there and both times, I felt the same.

 We were celebrating Cass' and Joy's birthday!
The rainbow cake was bought by Cass for Joy haha she is so cute.
It's also her birthday, but she is so sweet.
She texted me if she should get Joy a whole cake at first but I told her not to cos she reminded me it's time I show her how much I love her so I surprised them both of with cakes.
Got them from Liang Court Dulcet & Studio. Not bad!

The only picture of us that night!
Didn't bring my camera :(

 Couldn't take the heat at Chupitos so we went to Wine bar.
Bumped into Elisha and Lenice.
The most good looking couple of the year. hehe!

 Went to Neverland for the first time cos we got bored and Pris wanted to find his friends.
Saw Cass' friends also and he was also celebrating his birthday so we joined in for awhile!
That's the birthday boy, Darren and his hot sister who looks like Felicia Chin hahaha at first I was skeptical if they were really siblings hahah.

On the 25th. 
Decided to diet and brought cherry tomatoes for lunch.....
So I was the only one left in the office of course take selfies lor haha.


Dinner with the kids.
Yummy love this.

 Not trying to be bitchy or anything, but Langston's ugly burger is really ugly.

 With Pattieeeee.

 At Five viet bistro bar for some beer cos beery beery bored.

 Live bands. I LUFF.


 Pat, are u a man?

 Their braised pork belly with quail eggs.
Shiok but damn oily.

 My cutie Sweetcheeks. :3

She luvvit.

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