Monday, September 01, 2014

July 16th and (18th Zouk)

 A korean snack brought back by either Sheryl or Yvonne from korea.

 Hehe so cuteee.

Dinner time for the kids.

Haven't seen him for a long time :(
Miss him.
He's so good looking!!
His dark fur actually shines!
Maybe it's Pantene. HAHAHA

 Hello Little Fries :3

 Popped by TasteMakers Store after passing off some stuff.
Was surprised to see Sam working there.
She made me feel so much better at that time.
Hehehe doesn't she look like an angel :3

Tried their green tea latte. (and thanks for the discount hehehe)
Will go down to try their lemon lemon curd, yam cake (I LOVE YAM CAKE LA) and glutinous rice!

You can check out Lovelle's review here!
She just told me her blog's gonna switch towards beauty and make up!!
I was very happy cos i like that kinda shit. hahaha.
Bookmark her site!

 At 28 hongkong street for some drinks.
Place's kinda cool!

  I can't remember what were the drinks but they were pretty good.

Pat and their friend, Qinhao.
Hahah I joined Pat and her friends that night!

 Lol trying to get Yona to take a picture with me.



 LOL. She is pretty right!!
Idk why she is so camera shy.

Ok my camera sucks.

My iphone also sucks.
I was waiting for them to finish playing their stupid game.

All I wanted to do was drink but I got pulled in there. :/

 Hahha Tiff is on a constant high.

 The music sucked btw.

 YAYYY finally.


Lol Lennie looks like him right.
Sounds alike also.
If i never get to see gentlebones live also nvm.
I just ask this pirated one to help me autograph.

 Charmaine and Cinonyx



 I was skinnier at this period of time... Sigh..

 Aris saying hi.


 22A Havelock Rd's curry rice. YUMMM.

Coming back to Sweetcheeks :3

Look at that precious face..

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