Sunday, September 07, 2014

The Marshmallow Tree / Mos Burger - July 27th

LOL Jiheon visiting Max, Truffle and Fries.
Wahlao like fast food restaurant.
Mc TruffleFries.

LOL Max loves everybody and anybody.

Is Jiheon kor kor tasty?


Hehehe Jiheon loves her.

She's such a good girl.
Posed for the camera!

Lol his phone is damn good for selfie.

HAHAH he's really in love with Fries.


At The Marshmallow tree. It's super near my place.
The waffles are pretty good!

Oops forgot to take pictures of their drinks.

WORST ebi burger ever.
I mean I'm always having it at Mosburger but the one at Harbourfront sucked...

Walking around Vivo and went to Lowry's farm. hehe.

Lol he looks so cute!!

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