Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sin Lee Foods, White Rose Parlour, Supporting SCREAMMM, kko kko nara, - 26th July

Visiting Sin Lee cafe for the first time.
Used to frequent this place when they only sold prawn noodles and lor mee..
Wish they came back... :(
I love their prawn noodles so much.

WAH i love beauty app haha.

Langston had their A B C grilled cheese sandwich.
Grilled apples with cheese and bacon on top. A side of spam fries.
It was alright!

I'm always ordering this dish when I see it on the menu because I love the one at Strangers' Reunion.
Hehe always making it for myself while I was working there.
This one is NOTHING like a shakshuka.
This dish was supposed to be made out of herbs and spices in a sauce of tomatoes and poached eggs.
This was practically just tomato sauce...
and with cheese?? I've never eaten one with cheese before. 
(but i like cheese haha im glad they added it in)
To be honest, this dish is not bad,(finished errthing!) 
but to call it a shakshuka is just wrong.

Truffle friessss.
I really dislike truffle fries with the thick cut kind of fries..
So i like this :)


Hehe so cute!

My top and bottom from Lowry's farm :3

At White Rose Parlour.
Initial plan was to disturb Jebson, but I didn't know Jack works here instead so I went to disturb him haha.


I love their interior.
Head on down to White rose parlour for dapper outfits!
You're bound to look sauve in their clothes. 
Ask them to style you if you're clueless!

Always OOtd-ing with Langston around.


Went down to Scape to support Cass and her little sisters, Theresa and Fernanda.
Go shop at their website!
They're very harajuku style.
I love their whole look.
These three sisters are super stylish in their own ways, I love it!

HAHAH. He was trying to pull customers in.
What an embarrassment.

The three Screammm sisters.
They are super amazing.
Even if you don't dress like them, go to their website and see their cool stuff.

Haha wearing their cap and sunglasses.

Kko kko nara again with Langston cos I was craving for their army stew hehehe.


Hehe bought this little cutie for Yoyo.
They named her Prada omg what a name...

Ahh look at her. She's adorable :3

My happy Yoyo.
She's very responsible and plays with her everyday.
No regrets getting her a pet!

My baby Fries.
I'm so glad I have her in my life.

Hehe cutie.

I messed up her fur and she let me haha.

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