Sunday, September 07, 2014

25th July / Shumei's Farewell at her place!

 Shumei and Becsss

 Wynna mei mei :3

 Lol weirdo Yao.. "Do we look like we're kissing?"

 Jared and Hezron.

 Le Wifey Yaoyao.

 The weirdo duo.


 This brandon.... Getting everyone drunk but got himself drunk first hahah.


 Group photooo.

 Brandon's head is obviously too big.

 Hehe cutie Fahmi.

 indie Tiffy.

 Tiff is always drunk looking.. lol.

HAAH.  idk who took these pictures... He makes chips eating so unglamorous.


 Oooo coconut Fahmi.


 Hottie Shumei.

 Cabbitowl haha.

 Diva Ru Ai.

They kept laughing at my shirt....
It's not really mine I found it in the office and I desperately wanted something else to wear haha.

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