Saturday, October 04, 2014

30th - 31st Aug // Kiseki Jappo Buffet for Merv's sissies birthday + IKEA date

At Orchard Central's Kiseki for Merv's sibs' birthday!

Yummm quite like the place :D

Black curry rice.

Teppanyaki was nothing special though.

I like their oden. It was my first time having it.
Also had jap porridge.

The salmon head was pretty good.


Desserts :3

Their cakes and mochi kinda sucked.

I love bread pudding.
This was alright :)


At Zara trying on caps.

Walking around.
Too damn full.


His fav yogurt place at Great World :)

The next day.
He had fever so had to see docky.


Ikea date.
Wanted to go ABC market actually but too far.

Sick still so happy lol.

Ooo my cutie Fries :3

Hahaha watch her.

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