Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 7th - 9th /// Black hair Salon :)

Lol my cutie Yoyo made that loom bracelet for me. 
Prada. She is still a baby :3

After showering this monkey hahaaaa.
I threw the towel on his head (covering his eyes lol) before going back to my room.
He followed me in like 5 min after with the towel still on him HAHHA
So cutie.

Lol love it when he stares at me like that.

Cutie Fries :3

Slept with him that night.
He's so nice to hug. :3

Little Valentina LOL.

At Black Hair Salon.
One of the hair sponsors!
He's Nich. So cute!
He just got his hair blonde.
If you're a dood and tired of your boring look, why not do something outrageous for once!

Quote my name so that u can get a 10% off all hair services ok!

Snipping the back of my hair and fringe shorter before I head to Phuket with my Hun :3
Also touched up on my roots and had a 3 Trisys hair treatment!
I like this hair treatment cos it definitely strengthens my hair a whole damn lot.

There was a woman who had her head dyed hot pink with soft candy pink for highlights.
If I had short hair I'd change my hair colour ever three months la.
Cos if it's damaged, can just keep cutting the dry hair haha.

Nicky and Jimmy :3


Nicky and Cat.
Lol they kept laughing the whole time because they were uncoordinated.

Nickyyyyy :3
He's super funny.

WHEEE it's basically just a softer look which I wanted :)

Aunt made ramen. Yummm I really love home cooked food and her cooking is the bomb :3

Hello cutie Sweetcheeks.
It's been some time since I uploaded pictures of her.
She doesn't really like me now LOL.
Remember to quote my name for a 10% off all hair services!!

The Bencoolen, 180 Bencoolen Street, #01-28
Singapore 189646

It's super near Lasalle so if you're studying there, head on over for crazy coloured hair!!

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