Friday, November 07, 2014

October 19th, date with Merv :)

 Hello Sweetcheeks :)


 Lel. Cutie.

 At Alexandra hospital cos bb sick.
I was also sick cos he passed it to me lol but I didn't think I needed to see a doc cos it wasn't as bad as his.


 Hospital stickers.


 Check out my bi kong.

 From bi kong to shoulders.
HAHA he didn't know.
Only after I took this photo.

 Alexandra food market.

 Beef noodle soup mine.

Beef noodle dry his.

XLB which I didn't like... 

LOL His revenge...
It was there for a very long time cos I didn't check my phone.
He sent me these pic HAHAHA.

 Just beside alexandra food market.
Check out the rattan furniture shop. 

 DAMN cool.
If u wanna buy then see their shop sign board!

I got my eyes on you.
I'm coming back.
I don't rmb it to be expensive.
It's so nice!! IT'S WHITE.

 Handmade by this awesome lady :)
Lol I told her i'm gg to publicize her shop cos it's so cool.

 And a florist shop!
Check out the signboard if u wanna go there.
Also beside the alexandra food market.

 LOL we kept playing with this.
Merv used the tip of a piece of tissue so that we wouldn't hurt it, but the aunty was not happy.
We apologized. She was still very nice tho haha.

I'm sure a lot of you would want one.

 HAHA the aunty said these are growing stones and they are very popular in Japan.


Flower boy trapped in army.

 Hehe he said he likes it when my hair is like this.

 Lol my "really?" face.
Kidding.. weather sibei zua.

Ever since he introduced this ah pek bi kong (nostrils)
inhaler, I loved it.

"B, check out my abs."

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