Saturday, November 08, 2014

21 and 22nd Oct. With bb :3

Merv came to have lunch with me during work :3
He was sick so he could only eat beef bowl haha.

Their gyoza sucked..

Haha are u a hamster.


Lol Fries was sad cos I removed the curtains..
She bit a hole and LIVED IN IT.
Cos I stay at Merv's on the weekends.
I was crying on the phone when my sis said Fries escaped from her cage and she couldn't find her..
Then she found her sleeping IN the hem of the curtain LOL.
You can see the pic in my sis' instagram @rachelchua
Cutie walking over to me.

And going back feeling all emo.
I bet she missed the curtain cos she uses it to climb to the windows.

Lol many pics of Max and Fries.

Got quite sick and went to the doctor's.
There are a few more which I didn't take.
I think the doctor exaggerated it la..
Anyways this pic was to show u it's TGIF LOL.

nonya snacks with bb :3

Saved a snail from being stepped on aha.
Spongebob will thank me later.

Golden Years confectionery at Beo crescent.
This durian cake was not bad. Only $2.50!

My bb never turns away whenever he sees an old person struggling.
:* He can be an ass sometimes, but deep down I know he's got a kind heart :3

My only love :3

Spize for dinnerrrr.

Lol he was about to sneeze.

Maggi goreng pattaya.


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