Tuesday, November 11, 2014

23rd and 24th Octib3r.

My busy bee sister.

Jack's place for dinner.

My butter and herb steak.

Her garlic steak.

MINE ALL MINE cos she doesn't really eat desserts..
I'm not a fan of brownies, but if it's WARM and served with ICE CREAM.
DAMNNNN. I love the combination of warm and cold.
Salty and spicy. 

Next day..
Bb came to visit Max, Fries and Truffle.

Lol just look at Max at the back.

Our kid daughter.

LOL Max accidentally took a pic of his armpit.

Telok blangah drive block 64 hainanese curry rice for breaky.
My fav curry rice of all time.

Tea break while waiting for the bank.

Sucky eveything. The milo shaved ice was quite pathetic.

Selfie because bored.

My cutie and his croissants. :3

Jollibee at Lucky plaza :)
LOVE their spaghetti.

Feeling quite sick at the moment, thus the lack of verbal expressions felt on this post :(

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