Friday, January 09, 2015

14th - 16th Dec / Puppies and hammy

Had to attend a work event.

With Gabriel, Ashley, Kenneth and Alex. 

Maxy poopy.
Went to visit him at Dogtor Lim.
My sis went overseas for quite long so we decided to put him there so that he can play with the other dogs.

Yoki the corgi and Sparkie the Dachshund :3

I love her.
She is still a puppy.
She's so playful and adorable I kept kissing her like crazy.

Btw she is in love with Max.
Max hates her tho lol.
She's too aggro and doesn't let him sleep.
Her playfulness tires him.
He would growl whenever she is near and bite her.
Max's still really nice!!! 
He doesn't go abusive.. 
More like gnaw her head and put up an act to scare her away(fail).
Mr softie. LOL.

Yvonne (owner of Dogtor Lim)'s boyfriend is selling this bike.
It's so cool. If you are interested, you can ask me on my (at the side of this page) or leave a comment below this post.
I'll get more info for you!

Back home with Fries.

Lol she's adorable.

That's her stuffing. She wanted to dive deep inside...

Lol at times she would follow my legs and try to climb up.

BAHA. She looks like she is asking me to carry her up.

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