Saturday, January 10, 2015

17th & 18th Dec // Steamboat party, Meet up with Bell.

Lyke closed down so we were selling the left over items at a cheaper price.
I got a pair of sunnies and lotsa tops. hehe.

First to reach Jona's for our steamboat get-to-gether partehh.
These are her boys.
Evan and Ryan.
So cutieeee.
Evan, the older boy is such a sweetie. He's a man in a kid body lol. 
When Jona asked them if I was cute he nodded his head.

Ryan is a heartbreaker HAHAHA.
He's too cute and can't wait for you to like him.
I love friendly children :3

With Jona.
She's super tall and so is her husband.
Her whole family is tall lol.
I hope you don't ever cross paths with them during a concert or movie.
Sure block your whole view hahahah.

Her walk-in closet (*^*)

Hehe cutie was showing me the shared room with his older brother.


Weelit and Elizabeth.
Forgot to take a picture of his wife and baby kid, Victoria!

I like these!

Easily one of the BEST hotpot I've ever had.
I would choose this soup base over hai di lao any time!
Jona said her maid boiled the soup for hours.
SO SWEET. Can taste the sweetness from the corn and pork bones.
Literally ate until I exploded. 
Like I had to explode in the toilet.

LOL that handmade doll scared the shit out of us.

Yvonne and Sheryl.
Her second child. :)

LOL Jona carrying Victoria.

Thank you for the ice cream, girls!
I actually bought a cake but we were too full to have any.
The ice cream ended the dinner nicely. :)

Came home and saw this naughty girl.
Fed her and brought her back downstairs.

Curious about Fries.
Bet she doesn't know what a hamster is lol.

Thank you for the chocolate, Sheryl :)

My skin and hair was good that day.


The new sunnies I bought from Lyke's closing sale.
Got this at only $50 from Le specs!

Hehe helped her get one too.

Playing with Kenny's pen hehe.

Meeting the korean girl for Ri ri hong mala xiang guo.

Her first time trying this. hehe.

Before kisses 

After kisses.

Oh cutie. :3

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