Sunday, January 11, 2015

DEC 19TH // Team Christmas Party at Burger Vs Wings

Had team christmas party at 

Burger Vs Wings
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd

Some of the pictures were taken by a colleague!

There were chicken, beef and fish burger.

It was slathered in peanut butter!!
I've seen and read about the combi of p&b with beef patties..
Trying it for the first time blew my mind.
It was really good!

Pizzas. Thin crusted pizzas.
Just the way I like it.

The wings were stuffed.
These were pretty bad-ass too and with the sauce....
(T___T) I CRAI.
There were two choices of cheesy sauce.
One was mild sauce and the other was suicide sauce.
It was motherfackin' spicy wtf but #NORAGRETS.
I kept going for it. 
It was the kind of spicy that would enlarge your pores and cause droplets of perspiration to trickle down your whole face.

The drinks bar.
Free flow beers and wine.

Lol the woman on the right is our big big boss.
It was my first time ever interacting with her and it had to be because I was High as f***.
She kept calling me over to get people to drink.
I am not quite the same when I am intoxicated...

Speech first.

A certificate for some good job done.
Actually I don't think I deserve this cos I really didn't do much.
The guy behind me is Kenneth.
He's my big brother who looks after me at work.
Seriously, without him, I would hate work more x5.
Anyway, he has just proposed to his girlfriend and I am very happy for them!!!!!

Can see my chin sharper? I ate very little for a few days LOL.

Wendy, Boss (not sure if I am allowed to mention her name in public) and Jasmine.
Wendy is a cutie who's damn smart wtf.
She's my sister's friend lol Singapore is tiny.

After seeing their faces I got no appetite liao.

I downed 2 of these.

I want to da pao this sauce.

Lol anyway due to height constraint,
couldn't see any shit that was going on during games time.

At this point I quite high already so there were hardly any straight faces during photo taking lol.

 Lol I don't even rmb this part.

HAHA Celebrating the Dec babies and check out Wendy's face.
She's so adorable like a little kid not throwing tantrums.

Boss and Ashley.
LOL. Ashley.
I always thought he was a girl when I saw the name in my emails..
So I wondered who this Ashley girl was..
Until one day, "Eh wtf you are Ashley?!"

Senget and Alex.
Senget is like a huge bear who looks nasty, but deep down a really nice guy!
Alex is hilarious.
I love talking to him cos he's a bit sot plug (screw loose/crazy).


BAHA. Gabriel drank so much that day but nothing changed him.

HAHAHHAHAH cos we mixed the drinks.

Sumiran is damn mean. 
Wtf he kept denying that he was suppose to drink.
So because he refused to take in any, the boss made me drink.
I think I was quite noisy for the night.....

Gabriel and Shannon.
Shannon can't stop making fun of me after that night.
The other time he saw my bottle and asked if vodka was in it.

LOL Another angle.


Bhahah Kenny becomes super girly after some drinks..

I still rmb I was crazy high and super happy when I got off the cabby and saw Sweetcheeks.
I RANNNNNN to her and then I slipped and fell on my butt wtf.

Played some games and got this lol.
Mervyn came to my place after he booked out.
The feeling of having your loved one tuck you into bed is such simple bliss.
He took extra care of me that night knowing the headache had hit me after so many drinks.
Thank you my Mervyn Leow :3

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