Sunday, January 11, 2015

20th Dec // Christmas with the clique :3

Sparkie's love for Max lol.

Next time u grow up already find better guy ok.
Max no balls already cannot have kids.

Lol it was raining.
So we braved the rain to get groceries before the christmas party!

Oooooo lala~

Jiheon's mini caprese.
That one not quail egg or fishball hor.
Don't be so kuku it is mozzarella balls ok.

Mervyn's potato salad and my pasta.

With Jewel's baked chicken with curry leaves and secret sauce.
Pat's stuffed portobello mushroom and her never ending bottles of ciders lol.

Jewel's mom made the curry chicken, langston bought the pork ribs and Jiheon also prepared honey cocktail sausages and potato wedge wrapped with bacon.

Jewel's chicken.
This was so shiok and tender but it also filled most of my stomach space.

Secret santa time.

Jewel's secret santa was Jiheon.

I was Jiheon's secret santa lol.

Merv was Kelvin's santa.
He wrapped his gift in aluminum foil lol.

Kevin got her a cap!

Jewel gave him a voucher which was scotch taped to the wet tissue.

Pat got Merv a watch!

Langston got me a portable charger! :)


Thanks Kelvin for the cake!

My bb :*

Jewjew :3

:) I'm glad to be spending christmas with this bunch every year.
Lets keep this tradition :)

Came back home and Merv started playing with his daughter hehe.

Cutie :)
All pictures by Merv.



I went crazy editing her picture...
Slept at 3am cos of this and had to wake up early for work...


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