Tuesday, January 06, 2015

7th-9th Dec, Ah kong birthday :3 / Riri hong Mala / Maxy boy.

I really like my short hair now (*^*)

Lol pre dinner.
He had a burger from kfc and I had a cheeseburger from Macs.
I think it was my first time ordering a cheeseburger.

Merv Ah Kong's birthday so we had my fav mookata (which I'm getting quite sick of it now lol)

Siam Square mookata
22A Havelock Rd

Satay from a stall nearby.

They have cooked dishes now!

Got the tomyum maggi mee so we poured in the seasoning into the soup hehe.

Happy birthday Ah kong :)

She is extremely picky......
If she didn't like the packet food, she will just ignore it.
Wah biang other cats can't even choose.
Really spoilt rotten by my neighbours lol.

Cutie :3

Watching Max.
She's still quite scared of him so she stood very close to me.

HAHA Max being jealous and wanting attention.


"But I be watching your every move."


His tongue.... (*^*)

Riri Hong mala with AndreaTiny.

Riri Hong Mala hot pot
People's Park food centre, 
32 new market road #01-42 and #1052
Take to Chinatown mrt station and exit at OG side.
The first stall from the left.

I always order the penis looking mushroom, shiitake, tofu skin, french bean, tofu, pork slice, tang hoon (the clear noodles), occasionally their luncheon meat, taupok.

Extremely hooked.
Everytime laosai at work the next day.

Waiting and keeping an eye on Fries.

I made my face smaller here HAHA.

Cass cutie pie.

Bird havent POP LOH.

There's a ban mian stall that's newly opened at Telok blangah mall's kopitiam and IT'S GOOD.
Lol I asked the aunty in mandarin,

"Which is more popular? The tomyum or normal soup?"

She replied, "I'm going to tell you that both are good. I'm not lying to you."

So I tried their Normal soup the first time. I like how confident she was and I really loved it.
Then I tried their tom yum soup one and love it too!!!
It's so cheap too wtf.

Maxy boy.

Look at his happy face lol

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