Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jan 23rd - 25th (Hanare Japanese Café, Nam Nam Noodle bar, Pasta Mania, East Coast Ngoh Hiang, Beach Rd Prawn Mee Eating House)

With mah bb :*

Hanare Japanese Café
99B Tangjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088520
(2nd level of a shophouse)

Had their Chirashi and it was rather affordable. 
The chunks of fresh sashimi was yummy, but I had a problem with their rice.
This was the first time eating chirashi without sushi rice.
It's just plain jap rice....
It would have been so much better with cooked vinegared rice...

Merv's mom had their pork katsu curry rice.
This was so good!
All the hype on the web was on the chirashi, but not on their curry.

Bb and mommy.

Thank u mommy for the dinner :*

Hehehe the next day Merv and I went to apply for driving.
I never ever thought of wanting to drive.
I really don't get it when people are excited to get their license.
I am the most paranoid person in the world.
Would probably be too afraid to be on the road even if I pass anyway.

The aunty who sold this to us totally duped us la wtf is $5 for this.

Merv went to meet his army buds and I went to meet my lovely Bell.
I rarely meet her and when we do, we're always laughing at stupid things.
She waited for me for so long :'(

Lunch at Nam Nam Noodle Bar.
We were at the new Plaza Singapura outlet.

Salad of crunchy pickled vegetables,
fish cake, pork belly and peanuts.

I liked this alot!
Bell recommended to order this lol I think she has tried almost everything on the menu.

Dry Spicy Minced Meat Pork Balls Noodles.

Bell had this. SO GOOD.
Will have this the next time I go again.
There's a runny egg yolk in the middle omg.

My boring ass beef pho.
The broth tasted like chicken cubes.
Thank God for chilli sauce on the table.

Our fav coffee place to hang out after a meal.
So far only the Plaza Singapura and Heeren outlets' iced latte is consistent.
The one at Vivo is bitter. Personal preference anyway!
And, I dislike Starbucks cos their coffee are for ants.
So bloody sweet.

Mah beautiful gurlll.

I ordered the iced latte salted caramel frappe and it was $8 plus and her iced latte on the right was $6 plus wtf.
Anyway, I preferred her's and vice versa so we exchanged hehe.

Merv went to Strangers' Reunion with his friends for waffles so I dropped by too so I can see some of them.
My cutie Yao yao and Hyona just starting working there!

If u ever see this...... *fades away*

He is damn vain.

Hehe bumped into Roula and it was my first time meeting Irwin.
Actually I was just trying my luck to see if she was at Honey Creme because in our groupchat she said she wanted to try it. 
I had a gut feeling to walk over.

She is the most kua zhang indo chinese ever.
Almost lost a ear drum.

Kidding. She is so adorable.
She was only in Singapore for awhile so I'm glad we met for awhile :)

She's so chic. (*^*)

At Rupini's.
Lol we signed package together hahah.

Told him to try this jacket at Zara.
Fitted him so well!
But never buy haha.

We were at Cine Leisure's Pastamania!
Didn't know they had so many new dishes now lol.

Tried their Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli.
So good! Wish the portion was bigger though...

Merv had Salmon Ravioli.
So good too!
I just love ravioli.
I haven't had a bad one yet.
It's always so good hehe.

Next day's breakfast with bb, Gary and Jonathan.

East Coast Ngoh Hiang
370 East Coast Road,
Singapore 428981

This was mediocre.
Whenever I have this dish,
the highlight for me would be the fried prawn cracker which is the porous yellow looking thing underneath the fish cake and ngoh hiang.
I like the one at Havelock food centre!

Beach road prawn mee eating house
370 East Coast Road,
Singapore 428981

It's just beside the ngoh hiang stall.
Merv gave me his pork ribs haha.
The prawn mee is not bad.
Enjoyed the soup, but the noodles itself is alright only.


Fresh coconut juice. Yummmmm.

Bb went to play soccer with the boys while I slept at his place hahaha.
He bought me Astons back for dinner yayyyy.
I like that their take away box is fully black.

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